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As Nelson Mandela once said, « Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. » And this is the way our program is changing our students’ world, through bilingual education.

Years have passed and our program keeps on growing and growing, getting awesome results which are pertinent to be mentioned.

Firstly, our pilot immersion group reaches 10th grade and we are just around the corner to have a fully bilingual school, a dream coming true. It has been four years since our students started taking Cambridge examinations. Last year’s results in PET (Preliminary English Test) were just outstanding for 9th and 11th graders, with an overall score of 155,70 points out of 170 (91.58%) and of course, every single student who took the test was certified.

Secondly, as a CES institution (Cambridge English School), we are really pleased to be in our fifth year of certification with this recognized university, using Cambridge textbook series and administrating Cambridge examinations for our students to be qualified into the different checkpoints (1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th and 11th grades) taking exams as YLE, KET and PET to be certified into A1, A2, B1 and B2 according to the Common European Framework of Reference.

On third place, we continue having students participating on important regional contests such as the Spelling Bee and Song Contest in Manizales, reaching our fourth finals in Spelling Bee competitions in history, two Regional Spelling Championships, two subtitles and most significantly of all a National Spelling Bee Title in the city of Neiva. Last year and for our very first time, we also participated in the EF Challenge, which is an international speech competition, getting the first Regional place and having the chance to take part in the National EF challenge in Bogotá in which one of our students got the 4th place in Colombia. These, among other activities done at school, show the remarkable performances that have given us Regional and National recognitions from different bilingual schools in the country.

A fourth aspect deals with the application of our institutional competence exam, the GP English Progress Test, which has been implemented for four years now, showing students’ progression and improvements in their second language skills.

Besides, we continue providing level-up and consolidation English extracurricular classes for those students whose language abilities are in need and have to be improved. These two strategies have shown great results in students’ language proficiency in their current immersion classes.

A sixth point to be addressed is that of our Intensification program which reaches its final grade. Those students, now in eleventh grade, are going to face their concluding school year hoping to get great results in SABER tests. It is of paramount importance to mention that last year´s results in SABER tests were outstanding, getting a 75.81% as an overall score, meaning English has been the best subject area at school for several years now.

Seventh, our English Teachers Team continues getting Cambridge certifications as they progress on their language and professional development. This shows our standards of quality are high and continue on the rise, another great achievement for our Bilingual Program. It is also pertinent to point that other areas teachers have also been certified by Cambridge English Assessment and we will keep on training teachers to get the best results in those exams and to continue being internationally certified.

In brief, all these goals we have achieved so far are a real proof of the effort, quality, discipline and love for our Gimnasio Pereira to be the dream school, which will surely change the world. “Let’s start building a great future for our children and teenagers now!”


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