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GP BILINGUAL PROGRAMME: A branch full of leaves


Small deeds done are better than great deeds planned. (Peter Marshall)
This year has been full of results that have to be socialised in an attempt to show how much the bilingual programme has grown.

 First, we want to share that our immersion group in seventh grade took for the first time its programmed evaluative checkpoint. Those results in KET are just incredible and are the best evidence of what has been done. The overall result was 130 out of 150 points (86,66%).All of the students who took the exam passed and got certified.

 Second, our MOA agreement with the Cambridge University that has transformed us into a CES school is TWO years old now and adoption of Cambridge series and administration of Cambridge exams have been performed already demonstrating that beyond having a strategic alliance with a prestigious university, we are ready to cope with the challenges that the agreement has set before us. The certification was obtained and that was a complete success for our first year.

 Third, our institutional participation in bilingual events has resulted in three finals in a row with two Regional Spelling Bee Championships, one subtitle and most importantly of all a National Spelling Bee Title in Neiva obtained by our students whose outstanding performances were and are now recognized by other traditional bilingual institutions in the region and around the country.

 Fourth, we have administered an institutional teachers-made product, GP English Progress Test, that has corroborated in technical terms our students from the immersion programme continue their progress in their English language abilities and they are more competent than ever.

 Fifth, we have identified weaknesses through our protocol of assistance for students of the immersion  programme with difficulties  and have started an improving plan to help those new and old students who are in need.

 Sixth, intensification has also shown its progress and the best evidence of it is the overall score of the PET examination done by ninth, tenth and eleventh graders. Those students got a high average. It was 149, 4 out of 170 points (87, 89%). Doubtless to say, an outstanding performance in a quite demanding test. Moreover, we cannot forget our ICFES results which are on the incredible overall of 74,84 in the last three years.

 Seventh, English teachers took PET and FCE examinations resulting in 100% of certificates for all of them. They were all certified and they shall receive on November a Cambridge certification demonstrating that our standards of quality are high and continue on the rise. Another key achievement for our GP Bilingual programme.

 In short, those are so far the most significant outcomes of the programme and we expect to carry on growing to show the community what we intend to do ….start building a great future for our children and teenagers now!”




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